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Yeah well, the “Cable Guy” (cool movie :)) came today. Hooked us up and all then realised that Telstra’s (*cough* Helstra *cough*) entire network statewide appears to be out. Funny that. SOO, I’m on dialup until it comes back. Can’t say it isn’t a tad frustrating looking at a flashing cable modem and having to download via 56K still. Soon I hope, SOON!


Digital Camera


Yeah well, despite what Sally suggested (Save your money and get a better one) I bought a $70 digital camera today. It was on special down from $120 cause Tandy is closing shop at Toowong. I couldn’t resist and figured I’d rather spend the $500 or so I would spend on a decent digital camera on something else. SOO.. I’ve got a digital camera (with video out) now.. Groovy.

I smell a Brisbane River Cam. 😉

Been coding a fair bit using my Big Cowboy framework. Still can’t give an answer to people who ask how I came up with the ideas used for BC. *shrugs* Too much wine maybe? But it was fruitful nonetheless with a nice framework to expand as much as I want/need.


New Soundcard and Speakers for jm33


Yes, well I got a new soundcard and a set of surround speakers (2 rears, 2 front, 1 center and Sub). I’m fairly certain they’re up and running in perfect order. When playing 2 channel audio through ALSA though the center and sub are non existent. Luckily for me the speakers I got can switch between 5.1 and Stereo, I’ve yet to test them with a known 5.1 source though. We shall see…

My new speakers at Ebay:

And the two 10GB hard drives used in the mail server:

And finally, the new printer:



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