And the Network is GO for liftoff! :)

Well, we had kinda dodged together the network for the past 2 weeks, however, tonight Stephen and I decided to fix it once and for all. The end result is a fairly admirable one for a flat of 3 uni students! 🙂

We’ve got the following in the server cupboard:

– 200GB Archive server
– 10GB RAID-1 configed mail server
– Custom configured Redhat router (internal 56K at the moment, Cable is installed on the 28th)
– KVM Switch for all the machines
– 8 port 100MB Switch (linked to an additional 8 port switch in the computer room)

I’ll get some pics of that in the next day or two and post them up. Ripping up carpet proved to be fun! We’re lucky because our flat appears to have been tiled initially which meant pulling the carpet off the nail strips, inserting our wiring and putting it back down was fairly easy and meant zero damage to the flat itself! 🙂 The only thing it did affect though is both Stephen and my general health. We’ve both got red scratches all up our arms courtesy of the course carpet and us shoving wires across the hallway gaps. It was fun nonetheless!

Now all we’ve got to do is:

– Hookup the 802.11a base and cards which I have lying around (got the base unit & 6 cards for AUD$50!)
– Hookup the 802.11b/g to Spaceghost and Co’s place (can you say, 10 house wireless LAN.. OH YER!)
– Buy the MicroITX machine to stick in the living room. That’ll complement the 68cm TV Stephen bought (it’s got a tonne of connectors on it too! Notably Svideo which is damn funky for hooking up PCs :)).

Ahhh…. Twas very fun indeed.