My Week (ending 26/7)

Well it’s been an interesting week! I’m now on a one week holiday! Yay! Although, hehehee, I’ve got lots of work to do but anyways. As per may post about last week, I’ll do the same again. 🙂

My INFS3200 exam didn’t go well. Haven’t got marks back yet but I have a feeling I was destroyed. 🙁 We’ll see…

Come Friday night Jesse’s house warming party was on and given that it was now holidays everyone was out. They didn’t like camera flashes though so photo opportunities were limited. 🙁

Anyways, the few I did get were, Tony grabbing beer to goto Jesse’s:

And us walking back to Tony & Richo’s place. I was stuffed by then so I ended up catching a taxi home.

On Saturday night Deidre came over. She’s been a very busy bee so it’s been hard to catch up. Was a great night, lots of laughs, perhaps at the brain seekers expense (it’s one of those “you have to be there” jokes).

Anyways, I had forgotten about the camera until desert so I had to make some real quick snaps. The Night was filled with debate, particularly focused on political parties with Deidre taking up arms as a Liberal party member. 😉

Finally, I redid and installed TaoLinux. This was primarily because I didn’t pay for Redhat AS and simply used it as a testbed to try out the Sun Ray software Sun supplied. Given that TaoLinux is a straight rebuild of RH ES3 it was pretty easy to get the Sun software up and running on it. I also now have an official means of grabbing updates. Cool. 🙂

Finally, I’ve got a heap of work to do:

  • CSV import utility for ClientExec (for Aussiehosts)
  • PHP 4.3.9 RPMs (for readers :))
  • PHP 5 RPMs which can live with 4.3.9 (for readers)
  • Support Desk system (for Serverpeak)
  • Billing System (for Serverpeak)
  • up2date Perl server (for Serverpeak)