Hi All,

Ok, I’ve decided to transfer the RPM repository over to This is done for a few reasons.

Firstly, this software is maintained because companies pay me through to maintain it. Secondly, by moving it under the Serverpeak banner it means that as Serverpeak grows (2 employees, another coming, soon, I hope ;)) my time will be devoted more to Serverpeak related work. Thirdly, I feel that Serverpeak needs exposure to the companies it serves and by transferring the RPMs to a publically available, high bandwidth FTP server hosted with Serverpeak funds (as opposed to my own) I am able to not only help increase the PR of Serverpeak but also provide a level of professionalism that the RPMs are maintained by a business rather than just little old me. 🙂

So, for those looking for PHP and MySQL RPMs (and yes, I’ve released PHP5-CGI now ;)) check out the following url.