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GFS RPMs for CentOS

For the adventurous, I’ve built a set of GFS RPMs based on CentOS 3. These are for the latest kernel release 2.4.21-27.0.4.EL. They are being done as an ongoing contract for a high availability cluster system for my business,

Help yourself here.

Latest Tomcat packaged


Ok, I did this during another CSSE3004 assignment stint. It’s the latest Win32 version of Tomcat packaged to allow for access to the UQ labs configuration of Java 1.4 or 1.5. It’s designed to be a drop in replacement for INFS3202 (which I did last semester, learned a LOT :)).

NOTE: Xiaofang (INFS3202 Coordinator) has STATED that they will be testing with the supplied Tomcat.

Consequently, use this one for faster compilations (like, 100% faster, takes about 5 seconds to compile most things compared to like 10-15 on the old version).

Find it here:



I was awake for 36hrs.. 😐

Then I slept for nearly 12.. Ahh, felt good.. Got my assignment done though now I’m studying for an exam tomorrow… THEN I’ve got an assignment to do for CSSE3004.


And it begins..

Ahh yes..

It’s time to begin a Distributed Systems marathon. Having completed CSSE3004 on Monday I’ve now got this assignment due tomorrow. Elvin is a pain in the arse but overall it doesn’t look too bad… yet.. 🙂

SO, here goes, hopefully I’ll be done before Midday tomorrow. 8-|