And we’re still waiting… After FINALLY getting them to hook up a KVM I try and traceroute out and guess what, I can’t hit anything PAST their router. I mean WTF?!

1) We lodge a reboot ticket
2) They blame it on us
3) We hook up a KVM
4) We inform EV1 their router isn’t routing
5) We wait.. and wait.. and wait….
6) [UPDATE] An alias on a seperate subnet works but the first IP doesn’t. AND THEY’RE STILL saying it’s me.. Oh for god sake, i wonder if I feed them some bananas if the monkeys will actually listen?

3hrs… 3 fucking hours.. And it’s 8am.. I’m tired and pissed off that:

a) It’s not really my problem, it’s EV1s
b) I dislike early wakeups, especially when it isn’t me.


The current situation