I did an upgrade of 32 Plesk servers last weekend. 7.5.4 is many times faster then it’s predecessors. I’ve also built in PHP4, PHP5-CGI & MySQL RPMs which I’ll release and announce here sometime in the next week or so. MySQL 4.1 is quite handy but requires the old-passwords addition to it’s runtime parameters to not break PHP4 functionaility under Plesk.

In other news, we had our Project Plan review this morning and I have to prove our use of our SRS later today. It’s now 9am and I’m rather bored waiting around though. 😮 I guess now might be an ideal time to begin my Individual Component due next week. Ick…

Have now started a fulltime job at an “undisclosed” employer (for now because I know who reads this blog ;)). Have been coding C and Perl for the past 2 weeks and lately just felt like I could handle human interaction unless it was put into an IF() THEN { } ELSE { } statement. Oh god…

Nonetheless, the cluster is looking pretty funky and we’ve managed to create an enterprise solution using fairly commodity hardware. What can I say, it takes skills to make something available 24/7 guarenteed and not spend 50K doing so. 🙂

Serverpeak stuff has been going well with a continual increase of server management plans keeping income coming in. We also released dedicated servers with our bottom of the line (P4 1.6Ghz, 512MB RAM) selling out within 2 weeks. That was a tad crazy. :-/ In the meantime we’ve discontinued our sale of support desk plans purely because I’m unable to commit the time required to ensure a good quality of service for our customers.

Umm, that about wraps it up for me. Sal and I are currently considering looking at a house in Ashgrove for next year (it’s closer to my employer). I also have to sort out my Passport photo before Mrs. Park gives me another reving. They’re in Turkey at the moment so we have a car for 6 weeks. Yippeee…

Now I just have to get my Ps and stop being a lazy mutha….

Anyways, that’s about it for me. Adios amigos.