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PowerDNS developers only release statically compiled binaries as RPMs. It’s messy, horrible and just not a nice thing to do. Consequently, I’ve created both a pdns and pdns-recursor set of RPMs here . As usual the SRPMs are available in the normal SRPMS directory .



Using SRSS on RHEL4

Heya,Well I’ve spent hours looking for this information so I thought it was pertinent to paste it here:

Have attached a HTML dump just in case I lose it again. 🙂


GFS 6.1 (S)RPMs released

Hey all,

Have been implementing GFS clustered multipath file systems at work and consequently had to rebuild RPMs for CentOS4 using the 32.0.1 kernels. Consequently I’ve released GFS SRPM and RPM sets over here. I’ve also migrated the old GFS RPMs (6.0 series) to the obsolete directory structure and created a yum2 archive for people to add to their repo lists.

Modifications from the original RPMs are:

  • Modified target kernel from 32.EL to 32.0.1.EL since this is the current kernel for CoS4.3
  • Modified some minor dependency requirements which appear to have been lacking from upstream (aka Redhat)

Interestingly this release now includes system-config-cluster (aka the Redhat cluster config tool albeit retooled to avoid TM infringement) which in previous releases wasn’t publicly released by RH. Thanks RH, much appreciated. 🙂



x86_64 Targets

Well I found this odd..

If you’re rebuilding an RPM on RHEL4 (notably openssh*) from the SRPM and you don’t specifically state the target some odd standard vars are defined. In my case sysconfdir changed from /etc to /usr/etc.

Specifically using –target=x86_64 fixes the problem. I find it odd since if you’re building a SRPM on a x86_64 machine you’d generally expect it to default to an x86_64 target. Seems not! 🙂


Flow tools RPMs


Have rebuilt and released a set of Flow-tools RPMs for Redhat Enterprise 4ES.

RPM here:

SRPM here:

Only changes from the released Flow-tools is a minor patch to fix Python paths (from /usr/local/bin/python to /usr/bin/python).


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