Heya, PowerDNS developers only release statically compiled binaries as RPMs. It’s messy, horrible and just not a nice thing to do. Consequently, I’ve created both […]

Using SRSS on RHEL4

Heya,Well I’ve spent hours looking for this information so I thought it was pertinent to paste it here: http://www.medic.chalmers.se/~bernerus/SunRayLinux.html Have attached a HTML dump just […]

GFS 6.1 (S)RPMs released

Hey all, Have been implementing GFS clustered multipath file systems at work and consequently had to rebuild RPMs for CentOS4 using the 32.0.1 kernels. Consequently […]

x86_64 Targets

Well I found this odd.. If you’re rebuilding an RPM on RHEL4 (notably openssh*) from the SRPM and you don’t specifically state the target some […]

Flow tools RPMs

Heya, Have rebuilt and released a set of Flow-tools RPMs for Redhat Enterprise 4ES. RPM here: http://www.seekbrain.com/downloads/rpms/4ES/flow-tools-0.68-1.i386.rpm SRPM here: http://www.seekbrain.com/downloads/srpms/4ES/flow-tools-0.68-1.src.rpm Only changes from the released […]