Plesk 7 Hell

Yeah well,

I upgraded one machine to PSA7 about a week ago without a glitch. SO, we decided to upgrade a bunch in one hit (5 or so). What a mistake that was!

Plesk’s RPM quality seems to have dropped since PSA6 release. I can only attribute this to either SW-Soft OR someone in Management forcing developers into a corner with a release date. Come on SW-Soft, don’t fuck a perfectly good company. Take the time to produce decent RPMs and installation routines and you’ll find you won’t have as many complaints on your hands. From my perspective I feel like Plesk has just taken one step closer to CPanel. DON’T go there! 🙂

And then there’s EV1…. I won’t start on them just yet… Wait, just wait.. I’ll have my rant.. Just not now.