Bluetooth Dead?

While I’ve never gone out and bought a heap of Bluetooth devices I have followed it’s original marketing push followed by it’s subsequent retreat into obscurity. I also know a number of Uni students who did (or are doing) their Thesis project’s on the Bluetooth standard. SO, I was interested to read the following Slashdot article:

Rob Enderle Announces Death of Bluetooth ||
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[0]prostoalex writes “[1]Rob Enderle is typing away (perhaps even on[2]his very own Ferrari laptop) at [3]Intel Developer Forum, noting thatIntel gave up on IEEE Ultrawideband and decided to switch to Wireless USBderivative. This, in Mr. Enderle’s opinion, [4]signifies the end of lifefor Bluetooth standard, although Enderle calls Bluetooth ‘dead’ in thetitle of the article and ‘all but dead’ in the actual text.”

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So I guess the question HAS to be asked. IS HE right?