Still Alive

Hey Peeps,

Yep, I’m still here. Sorry about no posting, I haven’t actually been at my flat. Rather, I’ve been looking after the shop at while Gary and Marita (the owners) are on holiday’s in Fiji. Lucky buggers! 🙂

It’s alright living here for a week though, Gary has consoles coming out of his ears (Gamecube, PS2, 2 x Xbox, take your pick ;)) and a TONNE of games. That said I’m getting all gamed out so I sat down and continued development on the control panel.

HOPEFULLY I can get it done REALLY soon cause I’ve already missed 2 deadlines. 🙁

MM, what else is happening.. Oh yeah, Sally had her final exam today (Summer Semester) so I hope she did well. And she is coming to visit me tonight! I dunno how long she was thinking of staying but we’ll soon found out.

Later all,