Internet Banking boo boo :(

Yeah well,

This sucks. St George doesn’t appear to be non-Windows friendly. When running in Mozilla it tells me I need Internet Explorer. SO, not to be outdone, I installed IE on Linux and this was the result. Major bummer. 🙁

Some would say “Why don’t you just switch banks?”. Yeah well St. George gives you a free Visa compatible card even if you just open a standard Savings account. For someone like me (an under 20 computer guy who wants a Visa card so he can buy stuff on the Internet) that makes their offering REALLY enticing. Especially considering my other 3 bank accounts are standard EFTPOS cards and the [tight-arsed] banks (READ: The big ones) refuse to give me a credit card, even when I ask for one with no credit! I’m like WTF?!

Oh, and then there’s Bendigo. I spoke to the manager and he wanted my entire financial history for 3 friggin years. I was like “Man, I’m not asking for a house loan, just a low credit Visa card”. His response, “It’s procedure”.. Yeah well, here’s my procedure -> __|__ 🙂

This kinda reminds me of XDude’s infamous flash video about him attempting to cash a cheque from Warner Bros at a Canadian bank. He did what I did, went to a smaller bank and BAM they actually give a flying fsck about you! 🙂