Budbot 0.0.1 Released

Hi all,

Yer well, a bit of random procrastination came over me so I went about producing a Perl based IRC bot. Current features are:

– Multiple Server support
– Mulitple Channel support
– Full Xchat Compatible logging support
– Star Wars Random quote function
– !l33tsp4m3r function

The last function basically waits for someone to say:

!l33tsp4m3r #channelname [optional botname]

When that occurs, it will join the channel (after cloning if optional botname is specified) and wait for input from the initiating channel. When a user says anything prefixed with leet, it will convert what the user has said and print it in the target channel.

Lame but fun. 😉


Perllabs is me. 🙂

In #bud:

[16:04:49] !l33tsp4m3r #bc sp4mm4st3r
[16:04:49] sp4mm4st3r (~sp4mm4st3@CPE-144-136-154-111.qld.bigpond.net.au) has joined channel #bud
[16:04:51] leet, hehehehehee this is addictive

In #bc:

[16:04:49] sp4mm4st3r (~sp4mm4st3@CPE-144-136-154-111.qld.bigpond.net.au) has joined channel #bc
[16:04:51] h3h3h3h3h33 this is 4ddictiv3

To kill the bot:

[16:06:45] !k1lll33t
[16:06:46] Signoff: sp4mm4st3r (Remote host closed the connection)

SO.. Here it is

One final note, if your nickname has Perl in it and you say Go away it will self destruct. 🙂