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FC2 Gaim RPM Created

Hey there,

I’ve generated a Gaim 1.0.0 based on the FC2 Gaim rpms. Seems the RPMs maintainer doesn’t like to update things in a hurry so I did it for him.


It’s in the yum repository too. 🙂


My Week (ending 26/7)

Well it’s been an interesting week! I’m now on a one week holiday! Yay! Although, hehehee, I’ve got lots of work to do but anyways. As per may post about last week, I’ll do the same again. 🙂

My INFS3200 exam didn’t go well. Haven’t got marks back yet but I have a feeling I was destroyed. 🙁 We’ll see…

Come Friday night Jesse’s house warming party was on and given that it was now holidays everyone was out. They didn’t like camera flashes though so photo opportunities were limited. 🙁

Anyways, the few I did get were, Tony grabbing beer to goto Jesse’s:

And us walking back to Tony & Richo’s place. I was stuffed by then so I ended up catching a taxi home.

On Saturday night Deidre came over. She’s been a very busy bee so it’s been hard to catch up. Was a great night, lots of laughs, perhaps at the brain seekers expense (it’s one of those “you have to be there” jokes).

Anyways, I had forgotten about the camera until desert so I had to make some real quick snaps. The Night was filled with debate, particularly focused on political parties with Deidre taking up arms as a Liberal party member. 😉

Finally, I redid and installed TaoLinux. This was primarily because I didn’t pay for Redhat AS and simply used it as a testbed to try out the Sun Ray software Sun supplied. Given that TaoLinux is a straight rebuild of RH ES3 it was pretty easy to get the Sun software up and running on it. I also now have an official means of grabbing updates. Cool. 🙂

Finally, I’ve got a heap of work to do:

  • CSV import utility for ClientExec (for Aussiehosts)
  • PHP 4.3.9 RPMs (for readers :))
  • PHP 5 RPMs which can live with 4.3.9 (for readers)
  • Support Desk system (for Serverpeak)
  • Billing System (for Serverpeak)
  • up2date Perl server (for Serverpeak)

A Home Computer…

Hehehehe… The predicitions of computer size in 2004 couldn’t be further from the truth. This picture from 50 years ago. 🙂

INFS3200 exam in 1.5hrs. It’s gonna be hard. 🙁 Shit.. 🙁



Well well well.. A LOT has been happening… I’ve been going to Uni a fair bit and have also been doing some pretty things around the Unit to do with the computer equipment we had. SOO.. Here’s a few highlights.

I ran into Gui in the labs during a 2801 meeting and had my camera. So I thought I’d annoy her and take her photo:

My COMP2801 team spent an entire night in the labs finishing our Assignment 2. We THINK we did pretty good though but we’ll have to wait and see. By the morning I was going crackers:

Alex, Mizzi and Devina also came over to watch the Poolroom DVD edition of The Castle I bought Sal (she loves that movie :)):

Then I thought it was time to show off some of the new hardware we’d got since the last set of Geek photos were taken. Consequently, the NEW Geek Photos album was born! Highlights include, the new Cisco switch:

The Thin Client SunRay 150 I got for $200. Yes.. An LCD monitor Thin Client for $200. Awesome bargain and they can boot off a RH AS server. SOO..

I’ve got a snipe out for another one. 🙂 Finally, we got a bookshelf which we’ve populated with our computer material.

FINALLY.. Carla (aka Mrs. Park) came down and noticed a snake crawling through the bushes near our unit. Turns out there was a 2M snake and a bunch of lizards. SOO, the snake:

And the lizards:

SOO.. That sums up the last 7 days.. Crazy fun stuff. 🙂 NOW.. I have an INFS3200 exam tomorrow which I MUST study for AND a 2801 Prac I have to meet my team members at.

/me breathes out…

Ahh… Relaxed..

And off we go.


A few things happening

Hey all,

Been quite a few things going on so I thought I’d post some quick pictures. Dad and Debbie visited over the weekend during Father’s Day. Was a nice way to catch up with him after a rather lengthy delay:

Following that we had some windy and wet weather which ended up with a rather nice rainbow:

And finally I met up with my COMP2801 group and took a bunch of photos while we were working:

Been a fun week and I’ve got another 2 assignments due this following week. Then an exam the week after. *sigh* Oh well.. it’ll be done soon surely.


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