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Website moved

Hey all,

Ok, have moved this website to another machine. It’s an IBM xSeries server and I went out and purchased Plesk 7.5 for it too.

SO, it should be better performance and high reliability.




Things are beginning to settle down. Have launched Serverpeak so hopefully I’ll continue picking up clients as fast as possible.

Have recently been moving Plesk 7.0 machines over to 7.5. I really do enjoy Plesk 7.5 and with the new automatic deployment systems I’ve implemented in the Australian DC we can get a Plesk 7.5 machine with RAID1 up in 20 minutes flat.

Really is rather cool. 🙂 Also have a new tech coming in soon to begin training so that we have more redundancy for our support plans.

So yes, things are settling down. Now I really need to send this Worldpay form off. Which reminds me, I’ve been considering dumping Worldpay and just using Paypal. But from a few discussions with various “client like” individuals I kinda agree with their point of view that Paypal seems a little ‘gimmicky’.

Anyways.. Still too much to do but anyways.


Hackers 2: Takedown anyone?

Doesn’t this smell like the Mitnick movie called Hackers 2: Takedown ?

Things are moving along well, nearly have the content all up. Worldpay have setup my account and are awaiting my activation once I finish implementing all the billing related stuff.