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Things are beginning to settle down. Have launched Serverpeak so hopefully I’ll continue picking up clients as fast as possible.

Have recently been moving Plesk 7.0 machines over to 7.5. I really do enjoy Plesk 7.5 and with the new automatic deployment systems I’ve implemented in the Australian DC we can get a Plesk 7.5 machine with RAID1 up in 20 minutes flat.

Really is rather cool. 🙂 Also have a new tech coming in soon to begin training so that we have more redundancy for our support plans.

So yes, things are settling down. Now I really need to send this Worldpay form off. Which reminds me, I’ve been considering dumping Worldpay and just using Paypal. But from a few discussions with various “client like” individuals I kinda agree with their point of view that Paypal seems a little ‘gimmicky’.

Anyways.. Still too much to do but anyways.


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