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It’s been a crazy 2 weeks! 🙂

First, we had hail, and thick and fast. I hadn’t seen hail in 10 years and even then it was pretty lame. This was so thick it looked like snow. I had to run out and save Sally in thongs.. AND I lost one of them! 🙁

Anyways, here’s some photos.

I also received my 3 new sets of shoes. I can’t speak more highly of the Oddball Shoe Company. They dispatched my new size 15 shoes in a week and to top it off Fedex delivered them internationally in ONE WEEK and it was ECONOMY! How unreal is that.. Usually I pay $150-$200 for a good set of shoes. This time I paid $100 per pair including postage. I’ll definitely be buying again but at the moment I couldn’t be happier.

One of my mates is hopefully debuting at the Red Room this Thursday night. It’ll be good to hear his set and relax a little. Until then I’ve gotta finish 2 assignments tonight so I’ll be going hard on that. With a bit of luck I might actually get to exam week and have an easy study schedule.

Well that’s about it.



And we’re still waiting… After FINALLY getting them to hook up a KVM I try and traceroute out and guess what, I can’t hit anything PAST their router. I mean WTF?!

1) We lodge a reboot ticket
2) They blame it on us
3) We hook up a KVM
4) We inform EV1 their router isn’t routing
5) We wait.. and wait.. and wait….
6) [UPDATE] An alias on a seperate subnet works but the first IP doesn’t. AND THEY’RE STILL saying it’s me.. Oh for god sake, i wonder if I feed them some bananas if the monkeys will actually listen?

3hrs… 3 fucking hours.. And it’s 8am.. I’m tired and pissed off that:

a) It’s not really my problem, it’s EV1s
b) I dislike early wakeups, especially when it isn’t me.


The current situation



I’ll put it bluntly, EV1Servers ( suck. They just suck. You ask for a reboot and it’ll take 20 minutes. In the current case, we asked for a reboot at 5:30am my time. At 6:20am they finally get back to us and say “Upon investingating your server it was discovered that there may be a configuration issue involved here. “.

Well that’s FANTASTIC EV1. If I’d known that an hour ago we could have had a KVM hooked up and more than likely (given their lack of technical experience) had the server back online. SO, now it’s 6:45am and I’m still waiting. I just don’t get this sort of attitude. Why would you work for a hosting company if you didn’t actually give a shit about hosting? It’s like a car salesmen trying to sell me the new Mazda MX5 when he doesn’t even have his drivers license.

Go back to 7-11 and give me a tech who knows wtf he is doing.. *sighs*