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Redhat 7.3 to Redhat 9 Remote Upgrade

Hey all,

Ok, I transitioned a box from Redhat 7.3 to Redhat 9 today.

This was primarily due to some monumentally bad advice supplied by Rackshack (check out that thread here). While I’ll admit it fixed the initial problem (a kernel not booting) it manages to break the PSA admin server since the glibc libraries are incompatible.

Anyways, the basic steps for transitioning from RH7.3 to RH9 with a [broken] install of PSA7 are as follows. Kudos to ART for his assistance, without the turtle we’d never win the race. 🙂

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Plesk 7 Hell

Yeah well,

I upgraded one machine to PSA7 about a week ago without a glitch. SO, we decided to upgrade a bunch in one hit (5 or so). What a mistake that was!

Plesk’s RPM quality seems to have dropped since PSA6 release. I can only attribute this to either SW-Soft OR someone in Management forcing developers into a corner with a release date. Come on SW-Soft, don’t fuck a perfectly good company. Take the time to produce decent RPMs and installation routines and you’ll find you won’t have as many complaints on your hands. From my perspective I feel like Plesk has just taken one step closer to CPanel. DON’T go there! 🙂

And then there’s EV1…. I won’t start on them just yet… Wait, just wait.. I’ll have my rant.. Just not now.


Bluetooth Dead?

While I’ve never gone out and bought a heap of Bluetooth devices I have followed it’s original marketing push followed by it’s subsequent retreat into obscurity. I also know a number of Uni students who did (or are doing) their Thesis project’s on the Bluetooth standard. SO, I was interested to read the following Slashdot article:

Rob Enderle Announces Death of Bluetooth ||
from the we-hardly-knew-ye dept. ||
posted by CowboyNeal on Friday February 20, @00:25 (intel) || |+——————————————————————–+
[0]prostoalex writes “[1]Rob Enderle is typing away (perhaps even on[2]his very own Ferrari laptop) at [3]Intel Developer Forum, noting thatIntel gave up on IEEE Ultrawideband and decided to switch to Wireless USBderivative. This, in Mr. Enderle’s opinion, [4]signifies the end of lifefor Bluetooth standard, although Enderle calls Bluetooth ‘dead’ in thetitle of the article and ‘all but dead’ in the actual text.”

Discuss this story at:


So I guess the question HAS to be asked. IS HE right?


New TightVNC for Redhat 9 RPMS

Hey all,

I was wanting to use TightVNC today and noted that they hadn’t released a built RPM for Redhat 9 (which is Glibc 3.3 from memory). SOO, I built one and uploaded it.


New Features

Hey all,

Check out the new Downloads area. 🙂 It’s fresh hot off the press and contains a bunch of RPMS. I’ll upload more as we go along and announce them here.


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