New Server implemented

Hey all,

Ok, you may (or may not ;)) notice that when you goto you’re automatically forwarded to either or This is based on your geographical location and effectively means U.S. people view off the fast U.S. server and Australian people view off the Australian server. Pretty l33t huh? 😉

I’ve also setup the DNS to load balance automatically for the first hit to either the Aus or U.S. server. Finally, the U.S. server is a slave to the Australian in all aspects. This includes DNS, Mail and Web content (there’s an rsync done every hour from the U.S. to the Aus box).

This has ONE disadvantage. I’ll post updates on the Au server and it’ll be up to hour until they’re posted to the U.S. one. I’m going to implement a 404 forwarding system so that it forwards to the AU server on a 404. That should mean that when MT pings the various weblog locations that U.S. people will still be able to view it straight away (albeit off the AU server).