Big Gig & George concert

Went to Big Gig on Friday 28th February.

Saw Pete Murray and Kid Kay Ferris. The UQ Union appeared to have invested fairly heavily in rap DJs this year (a little to my disappointment). Still Kid Kay Ferris was worth waiting for and the event was packed.

On the 5th March we saw George with 2 supporting bands. The supporting bands were “The Boat People” and “Dave McCormack and the Polaroids”. Sally enjoyed McCormack and in both our opinions the Boat People lacked a little bit of polish. George themselves though were really up to scratch playing a number of tunes from their new record (released last Friday) as well as some old favourites. That said, it wasn’t helped by the fact that I had only managed to get 3hrs sleep the night before meaning that I was nearly falling over by ~1am. The Arena also needs some more seating but I’d say they don’t because that’s the sort of club they want to be (just a wild guess).

Well that’s about it for the concerts, will do a writeup for my first week of uni in a few minutes.