First week at Uni

Heya again,

Yeah well I started my first week at Uni for 3rd year. I sure do have very interesting (but nonetheless hard) subjects:

COMP3300 Operating Systems
COMP3401 Compilers & Interpreters
COMP3500 The Software Process
COMS4200 Computer Networks II

I actually enjoyed my first week of lectures (which is rather new) particularly because I’m at least (partial) friends with my COMS4200 lecturer and the Compilers & Interpreters dude seems pretty cool. The Operating Systems lecture tries (perhaps in vain) to crack jokes although he doesn’t often succeed! At least he’s trying! 🙂

I have a $500 text bill. Lemme type that again, “I HAVE A $500 TEXT BILL”. Geez… I reckon the government should let us put that on HECS or something cause I have a $500 TEXT BILL! 🙂 Oh well, that’s ok, I can pay for it… just…

Now I’m gonna go work on setting up a VPN and CVS system so that people can synchronize projects with me. That will be very l33t indeed. 🙂